February 15th — Let's Celebrate Our Flag 2017-10-22
Sign the petition giving your support to declaring February 15 or the third Monday in February "Canada Flag Day" a national statutory holiday.

Please use the form below to add your name to the Canada Flag Holiday petition. Your email address will not be made available for public viewing. Please tell your friends.

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Name City Province Date rawMCnXPqrZDNpsfPg phjQKVEKOhqAUG 2010-06-04
A A A A A well your a kangaroo Louis Riel Nunuvuts 2014-05-25
A A A A j biebs is gay justin biebbubbsss 2011-03-09
A A A A your a fish kitchener ontario 2011-03-09
A A A Adjnadager kitchener ontario 2011-03-09
A A Aabaard toronto ontario 2007-02-27
A Aaron Aardvark LaSalle Quebec 2007-02-23
A Aspinall Merritt BC 2007-02-14
A Foley Georgetown Ontario 2007-02-16
A Folkard Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-08
A Kuok Mississagua Ontario 2007-02-21
A L Carlson Victoria BC 2009-02-18
A Smith North Vancouver British Columbia 2009-09-02
A. Abbot Cold Colder 2007-02-23
A. Archer Victoria BC 2007-02-13
A. Houle Québec Québec 2007-02-20
A. Martins Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-12
A. Massaron toronto ontario 2007-02-20
AAAA your a noob kitchener ontario 2011-03-09
AAAAA das mean man Iqaluit Nunuvuts 2014-05-25
Aaliyah New York NY 2013-04-21
Aaliyah New York NY 2013-10-18
Aaliyah New York NY 2014-05-18
Aaron New York NY 2013-03-27
Aaron New York NY 2013-03-27
Aaron New York NY 2013-04-10
Aaron Goldstein Thornhill Ontario 2007-02-28
Abdallah Jaber Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-14
Abigail New York NY 2013-08-03
Abigail New York NY 2013-09-03
Abigail New York NY 2014-01-24
Abigail New York NY 2014-04-19
Abigail New York NY 2014-04-28
Abigail New York NY 2014-05-26
Abigail Alvarez Kitchener Ontario 2009-11-30
Adam New York NY 2013-04-01
Adam New York NY 2013-04-05
Adam New York NY 2013-04-28
Adam New York NY 2013-06-15
Adam New York NY 2013-07-01
Adam New York NY 2014-04-04
Adam New York NY 2014-04-28
Adam Davey Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Adam Fortier kitchener ontario 2007-02-15
Adam kuntz Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-16
Adam Popper Toronto On 2007-02-04
Adam R Freedman Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-04
Addison New York NY 2013-03-29
Addison New York NY 2013-05-07
Addison New York NY 2014-01-12
Addison New York NY 2014-03-23
Adrian New York NY 2013-03-16
Adrian New York NY 2013-03-27
Adrian New York NY 2013-04-10
Adrian New York NY 2013-07-21
Adrian New York NY 2013-10-29
Adrian New York NY 2014-07-05
Adrian Keller Lantzville BC 2009-06-10
Adrian Smith Mississauga Ontario 2007-02-21
Adriana Shewchuk Nepean Ontario 2007-02-15
Adriane Mouland Merritt BC 2007-02-13
Adwin Gallant Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-07
aenddxzblzr HrSqJdhMssatrDkn pSPbqXUFAYouBwsx 2012-03-28
Aeneas Lane Port Perry Ontario 2007-02-13
AGNES FLORENZANI woodbridge ontairo 2007-02-26
ahgthfr New York NY 2010-08-11
Ahpfuosm New York NY 2009-10-28
aibnvvastem New York NY 2015-01-29
Aidan New York NY 2013-09-05
Aidan New York NY 2013-12-10
Aidan New York NY 2014-01-23
Aidan New York NY 2014-04-29
Aiden New York NY 2013-03-22
Aiden New York NY 2013-03-25
Aiden New York NY 2013-10-20
aijkzshizu New York NY 2011-12-19
ajioswkusmm New York NY 2014-10-06
akviipgnx New York NY 2011-07-06
AL Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-27
al dobson Brockville Ontario 2007-02-15
Al Vaughan Merritt BC 2007-02-13
Alanna Wood Victoria British Columbia 2010-02-15
Alejandro New York NY 2013-03-20
Alejandro New York NY 2013-06-18
Alejandro New York NY 2014-01-05
Alen Ramic Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-16
Alex New York NY 2013-03-14
Alex New York NY 2013-03-29
Alex New York NY 2013-04-21
Alex New York NY 2013-04-24
Alex New York NY 2013-10-05
Alex hinton Alberta 2007-02-14
alex nanaimo british columbia 2009-06-12
Alex Bakay Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-17
alex beauregard toronto ontario 2007-02-03
Alex cornies Hinton Alberta 2007-02-28
Alex Derry Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-04
Alexa Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-14
Alexa New York NY 2013-04-24
Alexa New York NY 2013-11-28
Alexa New York NY 2014-01-12
Alexa New York NY 2014-07-13
Alexander IhhFUcNXkm rOnYqNGwJcLwUwGGMmp 2010-01-21
Alexander New York NY 2013-04-02
Alexander New York NY 2013-07-21
Alexander New York NY 2013-10-30
Alexander New York NY 2013-12-31
Alexander New York NY 2014-01-30
Alexander New York NY 2014-04-29
Alexandra New York NY 2013-03-20
Alexandra New York NY 2014-04-13
Alexandra New York NY 2014-05-18
Alexandra Cardin Montreal Quebec 2007-02-15
Alexis New York NY 2013-10-25
Alexis New York NY 2013-11-25
Alexis New York NY 2014-02-17
Alexis New York NY 2014-06-06
Alexis Fox Victoria BC 2009-02-18
Alexis Osmond Victoria BC 2010-02-25
Ali Taylor Nanaimo BC 2010-04-22
Alicia London On 2007-02-16
Alicia mississauga ontario 2007-03-10
Alisha Vieira Kichene Ontario 2007-02-15
Alison Ottawa ON 2007-02-04
Alison Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-12
Alison Lecours Kanata Ontario 2007-02-13
Alison Trusty Merrickville Ontario 2007-02-14
Alison Walker Victoria BC 2009-02-23
Allan Byrne Victoria BC 2009-02-16
Allan Moncrieff Ottawa ON 2007-02-15
allan O'Hlligan kitchener ontario 2007-02-15
Allen Page Victoria bc 2009-02-23
Allie Higdon Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-16
Allie Lovelace Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-15
Allison New York NY 2012-10-02
Allison New York NY 2013-04-03
Allison New York NY 2013-04-17
Allison New York NY 2013-10-10
Alton Krantz Surrey BC 2007-02-14
Alyssa New York NY 2013-06-15
Alyssa New York NY 2014-01-12
Amanda Cowton Brampton Ontario 2010-12-05
Amanda Duggan Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-16
Amanda French Milton Ontario 2007-02-16
Amanda Goddard Victoria BC 2010-02-25
Amanda Harrington Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-06
amanda ostertag etobicoke ontario 2007-03-04
Amber Ramcharan Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Amber Taudien Stittsville ON 2007-02-05
Amelia New York NY 2012-10-07
Amelia New York NY 2013-02-05
Amelia New York NY 2013-07-19
amelia damore niagara falls ont 2007-12-13
amelia damore niagara falls, ontario 2007-12-13
Amia New York NY 2013-03-19
Amia New York NY 2014-01-12
Amia New York NY 2014-03-22
amwdntctvfp New York NY 2014-02-09
Amy Edgar Nanaimo B.C. 2009-06-12
Amy Eriksson Port Hope Ontario 2007-02-13
Amy Lalonde Ottawa ON 2007-02-06
amy touhey nanaimo British Columbia 2009-06-10
Amy Veinot Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-27
Andra Mayer ottawa ontario 2007-03-01
Andrea Brooklin ON 2007-02-22
Andrea New York NY 2013-04-02
Andrea New York NY 2013-12-10
Andrea New York NY 2014-04-04
Andrea New York NY 2014-05-24
Andrea Burns Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-05
andrea knapp sidney BC 2010-02-25
Andreas Toronto ON 2007-02-16
andrej archipov dorval quebec 2007-02-26
Andrew D. Barrett QljjLoWdj MnKUdvArrZVEmcseoA 2010-03-08
Andrew K Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Andrew Kolbin Oshawa Ontario 2007-02-14
Andrew Vandergaast Newcastle Ontario 2007-02-15
Andy Berzins Brampton Ontario 2007-02-19
Andy Cragg Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-06
anetzamh New York NY 2014-09-25
Angel New York NY 2013-03-25
Angel New York NY 2013-09-04
Angela Pappaianni Ajax Ontario 2007-02-22
Angela Vb Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-13
Angelina New York NY 2013-03-13
Angelina New York NY 2013-12-05
Angelina New York NY 2014-05-05
Angella Hinds Mississauga Ontario 2007-02-21
Anika Koncsik Québec QC 2007-02-20
anita jessop victoria BC 2010-02-26
Anita Levesque Winnipeg Manitoba 2007-02-13
Anita Miller Hamilton Ontario 2008-01-08
Anita Watts Victoria BC 2010-03-01
Ann Pryds Sidney B.C. 2009-02-16
Ann-Marie Vézina Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-06
Anna New York NY 2014-04-17
Anna Ottawa ON 2007-02-08
Anna Pimentel Mississauga Ontario 2007-02-05
Anne Gibson Toronto Ontario 2007-02-20
Anne H. Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-16
Anne London Saint-John New Brunswick 2007-04-01
Anne Wenzler Lachine Quebec 2007-02-23
Annie Snow Georgetown Ontario 2007-02-16
Anthony New York NY 2013-08-03
Anthony New York NY 2014-01-30
Anthony Drew Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-07
Anthony Patstone Quebec Quebec 2009-02-16
Antonietta Tenore Montreal Quebec 2007-02-15
Antonio New York NY 2013-02-10
Antonio New York NY 2013-04-17
Antonio New York NY 2014-01-24
Antonio New York NY 2014-04-13
Antonio D. Bettencourt MIssissauga Ontario 2007-02-16
Antonio Medeiros Toronto Ontario 2007-02-20
anxsawf ZjcRoFYsrIElIaCsSB VtWndgzfcfMH 2013-01-20
anzhdzko PdazRtVwIVWo wNokQdzinrrybhrPVfx 2012-07-07
aqezezmg ElYVXphFRPUY ctnKfybqWvuWJTRajB 2010-12-29
Ariana New York NY 2014-03-22
Ariana New York NY 2014-07-27
Arianna New York NY 2013-02-18
Arianna New York NY 2013-11-19
Arianna New York NY 2013-11-21
Arianna New York NY 2014-02-17
arjhfry lGmOJIkVSBjCmPkxSU NZOvgpKVcESegJDSu 2012-04-22
Arlene Tulloch Victoria British Columbia 2010-02-25
Arlene Zaldivar Toronto Ontario 2007-04-19
arnel Leano toronto ontario 2007-02-16
Arnie Gray Merritt BC 2007-02-13
Art Heimann Ottawa Ontario 2007-10-12
asgpbbhnlct New York NY 2013-07-18
Ashley New York NY 2013-04-14
Ashley New York NY 2013-06-29
Ashley New York NY 2014-04-28
Ashley New York NY 2014-06-01
Ashley Adam Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-13
ashley korabek nanaimo british columbia 2009-06-09
ashley parell kitchener ontario 2007-02-15
Ashley Patrick Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-17
Ashraf Kamel Toronto Ontario 2007-02-16
Ashton New York NY 2013-03-16
Ashton New York NY 2014-05-18
Asra Rana Toronto Ontario 2007-03-14
Astrid Ratzel Orleans Ontario 2007-02-16
atitrq New York NY 2013-04-25
Aubrey New York NY 2013-03-24
Aubrey New York NY 2013-10-18
Aubrey New York NY 2013-11-21
Aubrey New York NY 2013-11-22
Aubrey New York NY 2014-04-12
Audrey New York NY 2013-03-20
Audrey New York NY 2013-03-30
Audrey New York NY 2013-04-17
Audrey New York NY 2013-04-19
Audrey New York NY 2014-04-11
Audrey New York NY 2014-05-30
aujjhysz CakxFHFUryfzTdN KCgfMRHiAgmHuxiJLT 2011-11-19
Austin New York NY 2013-03-22
Austin New York NY 2013-04-24
Austin New York NY 2013-11-20
Austin New York NY 2014-05-24
Austin New York NY 2014-07-05
Autumn New York NY 2013-07-10
Autumn Cardy Victoria BC 2011-02-21
Ava New York NY 2013-03-24
Ava New York NY 2013-04-19
Ava New York NY 2014-05-10
Avery New York NY 2013-03-16
Avery New York NY 2013-07-30
Avery New York NY 2014-05-30
avqvgbmur EkHrOsfhr SGwlmdRWbUIExzKN 2014-08-15
axgqbwryrwy New York NY 2016-07-31
ayfxcguoq New York NY 2011-02-07
B Huber Surrey BC 2007-02-25
B Knight Kelowna BC 2007-02-13
B Marshall St. Catharines Ontario 2007-02-23
B.J Greene Mississauga Ontario 2007-02-15
Baba K-dub the ghetto 2007-02-17
Bailey New York NY 2013-02-16
Bailey New York NY 2013-04-28
Bailey New York NY 2013-09-05
Bailey New York NY 2014-03-02
Barb VanderRoest Amherst Nova Scotia 2008-01-30
barbara dilworth owen sound ont. 2007-02-19
Barbara Kirkpatrick Carleton Place Ontario 2007-02-14
barbara korabek nanaimo bc 2009-06-21
Barbera New York NY 2014-02-05
Barbera New York NY 2014-07-05
Barbera New York NY 2014-07-22
Barbra Widdifield Norland Ontario 2007-02-09
Barnypok New York NY 2017-01-01
Barnypok New York NY 2017-01-05
Barnypok New York NY 2017-01-08
Barnypok New York NY 2017-01-08
Barnypok New York NY 2017-01-08
Barnypok New York NY 2017-01-08
Barnypok New York NY 2017-01-08
Barnypok New York NY 2017-04-01
Barnypok New York NY 2017-04-01
Barnypok New York NY 2017-07-06
Barnypok New York NY 2017-07-08
Barnypok New York NY 2017-07-09
Barnypok New York NY 2017-07-09
Barry New York NY 2013-08-06
Barry New York NY 2014-02-23
Barry New York NY 2014-06-01
Barry Messier Hamilton Ontario 2007-05-18
Becky Hayes Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-08
Becky Thomas St. Catharines Ontario 2007-02-04
behappy New York NY 2013-04-21
behappy New York NY 2013-12-01
Bella New York NY 2012-10-05
Bella New York NY 2013-11-19
Bella New York NY 2014-04-19
Bella New York NY 2014-07-13
Ben Batte Wingham Ontario 2007-02-14
ben dunbar Lantzville BC 2009-06-10
Ben Griffin Burnaby BC 2007-02-03
Ben Simpson Windsor Ontario 2007-03-11
Ben VanderRoest Amherst Nova Scotia 2008-01-30
Benjamin New York NY 2013-03-22
Benjamin New York NY 2014-01-12
Benjamin New York NY 2014-02-12
Benjamin New York NY 2014-04-04
Benjamin New York NY 2014-05-10
Benjamin Oakley Toronto ON 2007-02-10
Benny Couture Longueuil Québec 2007-02-19
Bernadette Boyd Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-23
Bernadette Ruedl Cumberland ONTARIO 2007-02-04
bertha scrivens Halifax nova scotia 2007-03-11
Beryl Whelan Toronto Ontario 2007-02-22
Bessie Flanders Coldbrook Nova Scotia 2008-01-29
Betty Athanasakos Montreal Quebec 2007-02-21
Betty Crust Victoria BC 2010-03-19
Betty DeYaeger Victoria BC 2009-02-17
Betty Ducharme Airdrie AB 2007-02-13
Betty Hyndman Kemptville Ontario 2007-02-12
bev s Guelph Ont 2007-02-20
Bev Scheurle Victoria B.C. 2010-02-26
bgrqyno RxHEvOFmOiIVmNbmAZA OAyBrHxTIvisOudkcm 2013-01-16
Bibi Hashim Ajax Onatrio 2007-02-19
Bil Lytwyn Whitby On 2007-02-26
Bill Sheldon London Ontario 2007-02-07
bjnhcu New York NY 2012-08-26
bjqnztnldx New York NY 2013-04-28
Blake Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Blake New York NY 2013-03-22
Blake New York NY 2014-02-22
Blake New York NY 2014-04-13
Blanche Payne` Corner Brook NL 2007-02-12
blzlddbh New York NY 2014-01-16
bniomtw sJYvgWgjKme LGCiLgAAnZ 2012-07-28
Bob New York NY 2013-04-05
Bob New York NY 2014-04-04
Bob Cooke NEW GLASGOW NOVA SCOTIA 2007-02-22
bob simpson london ontario 2007-02-14
Bob Steer Tofino British Columbia 2007-02-12
bobber New York NY 2013-07-23
Bobby Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-16
Bonita Norman Merritt bc 2007-02-18
Bonnie Kriz London Ontario 2007-02-20
Bonnie Moriarity Dunlop New Brunswick 2007-02-12
bonser New York NY 2014-03-23
Borkselli znMTkXew IVOyPjzNbgHHYQHmK 2009-08-27
braden frew nanaimo BC 2009-06-10
Bradley New York NY 2015-08-07
Bradley New York NY 2015-08-08
Bradley New York NY 2015-08-10
Bradley New York NY 2015-08-10
Bradley New York NY 2015-08-12
Bradley New York NY 2015-08-12
Bradley New York NY 2015-08-12
Bradley New York NY 2015-08-12
Bradley New York NY 2015-08-12
Bradley New York NY 2015-10-22
Bradley New York NY 2015-10-22
Bradley New York NY 2015-10-23
Bradley New York NY 2015-10-23
Bradley New York NY 2015-10-24
Bradley New York NY 2015-10-24
Bradley New York NY 2015-10-25
Bradley New York NY 2015-10-25
Bradley New York NY 2015-10-25
Bradley Lee Toronto Ontario 2007-02-12
Brady New York NY 2013-04-15
Brady New York NY 2014-02-05
Brady New York NY 2014-04-11
Brandon Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Brandon New York NY 2013-04-28
Brandon New York NY 2013-06-25
Brandon New York NY 2014-03-02
Brandon New York NY 2014-03-23
Brandon New York NY 2014-04-06
Brandon New York NY 2014-04-28
Brandon Reynolds kitchener ontario 2007-02-15
Brandon Rubach Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Brayden New York NY 2014-01-30
Brayden New York NY 2014-05-18
Bree Rutten Calgary AB 2007-04-19
Bree Sidebottom Vancouver BC 2007-03-22
Brenda Haste victoria bc 2009-02-16
brenda milner ottawa ontario 2007-02-15
Brenda Sarvis Powell River BC 2007-02-19
Brendan Morrison Toronto Ontario 2007-02-04
brenden oscarson kitchener canada 2007-02-15
brenden oscarson kitchener ontario 2007-02-15
Brent Parke Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-16
bret Carr mississauga ontario 2007-02-19
Brett L Whittla Victoria BC 2007-02-16
Brian New York NY 2013-02-16
Brian New York NY 2013-03-30
Brian New York NY 2014-04-12
Brian New York NY 2014-05-10
Brian New York NY 2014-07-05
Brian Cullen Toronto ontario 2007-03-07
Brian Sirovey Toronto Ontario 2007-02-21
Brianna New York NY 2013-03-22
Brianna New York NY 2013-04-19
Brianna New York NY 2013-07-01
Brianna New York NY 2013-09-05
Brianna New York NY 2013-10-11
Brianna New York NY 2013-12-05
Brianna New York NY 2014-02-11
Brianna New York NY 2014-04-04
Brianna New York NY 2014-04-06
Brianna New York NY 2014-04-17
Bridget MacCuish Victoria British Columbia 2010-03-08
Brigitte Renfrew Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
brittaney whetham kitchener ontario 2007-05-22
Brittney Dorman Nanaimo British Columbia 2009-06-12
Brody New York NY 2012-10-15
Brody New York NY 2013-02-02
Brody New York NY 2013-03-16
Brody New York NY 2013-03-19
Brody New York NY 2013-11-25
Brody New York NY 2014-03-02
Brody Heys Nanaimo BC 2009-06-10
Brooke New York NY 2013-03-13
Brooke New York NY 2013-07-10
Brooke New York NY 2014-02-22
Brooke New York NY 2014-02-24
Brooke New York NY 2014-04-11
Brooke New York NY 2014-04-12
Brooke New York NY 2014-07-05
brooke hunt cambridge ontario 2007-02-15
brooke hunt cambridge ontario 2007-02-15
Brooklyn New York NY 2013-04-01
Brooklyn New York NY 2013-06-18
Brooklyn New York NY 2013-07-19
Brooklyn New York NY 2014-02-17
bruce & Heather Ralphs Victoria BC 2010-02-18
brunet, francois ste-genevieve quebec 2007-02-16
Bryan New York NY 2013-03-27
Bryan New York NY 2014-04-13
Bryan New York NY 2014-05-11
bryan Cornwall Onario 2007-02-12
Bryan Sparks Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-03
Bryce Hills Lantzville British Columbia 2009-06-09
Bryce Lacouvee Nanaimo British Columbia 2009-06-10
Buddy T Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-16
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C. Mousseau Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-07
C. O'Grady Woodstock Ontario 2013-02-15
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Cara Blanchard Victoria BC 2010-03-18
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Carl Moore Calgary Alberta 2007-02-22
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Carlos New York NY 2012-10-03
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Carlos New York NY 2013-04-15
Carlos New York NY 2013-09-05
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Carly Russell Victoria BC 2010-02-25
Carmenelena Richmond Hill Ontario 2007-02-20
Carol Chu Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-15
Carol Eldridge Bowmanville Ontario 2008-03-22
carol goodman Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-03
Carol Herd Toronto Ontario 2007-02-21
Carol Jenkins Victoria BC 2010-02-25
Carol Pilon Smiths Falls Ontario 2007-02-07
Carol Turner Fenelon Falls Ontario 2007-02-24
Carol Unfreed Victoria BC 2010-02-25
Carol Warren Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-19
Carole Monette Gatineau QC 2007-02-12
Carole Rains Victoria BC 2010-02-25
carolina smart toronto Ontario 2007-03-07
Caroline New York NY 2012-11-20
Caroline New York NY 2013-05-07
Caroline New York NY 2013-07-01
Caroline New York NY 2013-10-10
Caroline New York NY 2013-10-18
Caroline New York NY 2014-04-06
Caroline New York NY 2014-07-22
Caroline H. Gatineau Quebec 2007-02-13
Carolyn Keswick Ontario 2007-02-14
Carolyn Forrest Lansdowne Ontario 2007-02-20
carolyn riske kitchener ontario 2007-02-15
Carolyn Talbot Victoria B.C. 2010-02-25
Carrie Hull Toronto Ontario 2007-02-03
Carrol Derksen Victoria BC 2010-02-17
Carson New York NY 2013-03-22
Carson New York NY 2013-09-30
Carson New York NY 2014-04-11
Carson Tidsworth Tofino BC 2009-11-16
Carter New York NY 2012-09-25
Carter New York NY 2013-02-07
Carter New York NY 2013-03-30
Carter New York NY 2013-12-06
Carter New York NY 2014-02-23
Carter New York NY 2014-07-22
Carter New York NY 2014-07-27
Casey Markus Regina, Saskatchewan 2007-02-05
cassie cambridge ontario 2007-02-15
cate jones toronto on 2007-03-13
Catharina Wilmsen Ingleside Ontario 2007-02-06
Catherine Abreu Toronto Ontario 2007-02-04
CATHERINE ARMITAGE Toronto Ontario 2007-02-21
Catherine Brown Jordan Station Ontario 2007-02-22
catherine Duynisveld ottawa ontario 2007-02-15
Catherine Lunt Toronto Ontario 2007-02-21
Catherine McCann Kemptville Ontario 2007-02-15
Catherine Stansfield montreal quebec 2007-02-03
Catherine Summerville Toronto ON 2007-02-19
Catherine Thayer Ile Perrot Quebec 2008-02-05
Cathrine Jansen Victoria BC 2010-02-25
Cathy Winnipeg MB 2007-02-06
cathy Mississauga Ontario 2007-02-21
Caunie St Pierre windsor ontario 2007-03-10
cdljklaptbb New York NY 2012-02-16
cefiay New York NY 2010-09-29
Celeste Morton Victora BC 2010-03-01
chaba New York NY 2015-01-06
chaba New York NY 2015-10-26
Chantal Bertrand London Ontario 2007-02-13
Chantal Laliberte Victoria BC 2010-02-25
chantal simard kitchener ontario 2007-02-15
Chantal Tulk Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-16
Chardelle Lalonde Victoria BV 2010-02-26
Chari Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Charlene Joe Merritt BC 2007-02-14
Charles New York NY 2012-11-05
Charles New York NY 2013-06-25
Charles New York NY 2014-08-28
Charles Vennat Montreal Quebec 2007-02-04
Charlie Musgrave Toronto Ontario 2007-02-05
Charlotte New York NY 2013-03-27
Charlotte New York NY 2013-07-06
Charlotte New York NY 2013-07-14
Charlotte New York NY 2013-11-27
Charlotte New York NY 2014-01-30
Charlotte New York NY 2014-05-05
Charlotte Wood Halifax NS 2008-01-30
Chase New York NY 2013-07-28
Chase New York NY 2013-12-23
Chase New York NY 2014-05-10
Chase New York NY 2014-05-24
chatwcvfgv New York NY 2014-01-18
cheap ambien New York NY 2010-08-16
cheap ambien New York NY 2010-08-19
cheblak maya ste-genevieve quebec 2007-02-16
Chelsea Vaughan Merritt BC 2007-02-13
Cheryl Mcgregor Vancouver BC 2007-02-05
Chitxmrd ASNYutHhHnOrL FZuukINZmmdnqb 2011-03-08
chkbiadsp OpAEbSoTlyJHjo YaWUZHakmLadeKV 2011-06-16
Chloe New York NY 2013-04-10
Chloe New York NY 2013-04-21
Chloe New York NY 2013-05-26
Chloe New York NY 2014-04-13
Chloe New York NY 2014-04-17
Chris Kingston Ontario 2007-02-05
Chris Smiths Falls Ontario 2007-02-07
chris calgary alberta 2007-02-16
chris bosh toronto ontario 2009-06-12
Chris Campbell Toronto ON 2007-02-04
Chris Chartrand Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-06
Chris Collier Mississauga Ontario 2007-02-26
Chris Cowper-Smith Halifax NS 2007-02-04
Chris Darby Victoria BC 2010-02-25
Chris Hesterman Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-15
Chris Kindt Toronto Ontario 2007-02-11
Chris King Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-14
Chris Penney Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-06
Chris Pestell Verdun Quebec 2007-02-15
Chris Plimmer Moncton NB 2009-02-10
Christian New York NY 2013-04-14
Christian New York NY 2013-10-10
Christian New York NY 2013-12-03
Christian New York NY 2014-02-05
Christian New York NY 2014-04-13
Christian New York NY 2014-06-06
Christian Kitchener ontario 2007-02-15
christian eriksson port hope ontario 2007-02-13
Christian Labrie Montreal Quebec 2007-02-15
Christian Lipsett Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-15
Christianne Sanderson London Ontario 2007-02-17
Christina Alfano Stoney Creek ON 2007-03-01
christina natalie meats london ontairo 2010-01-10
Christina Neumann Toronto Ontario 2007-02-04
Christina Reitmyer Aylmer Ontario 2011-02-16
Christina Sirovey Toronto Ontario 2007-02-21
Christine Corr Victoria BC 2010-02-25
christine disotell dorval quebec 2007-02-26
Christine Evans Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-23
Christine Leclair Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-09
Christine Macgregor Cobble Hill British Columbia 2010-02-25
christine simard kitchener ontario 2007-02-15
Christopher New York NY 2013-10-05
Christopher YjIzEWAmzOGDPSFhZl xkJPPaJObLQHRbIvuYr 2010-02-01
Christopher Coleman Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Chuck Henri Fenelon Falls Ontario 2007-02-24
cialis united kingdom New York NY 2010-08-06
Cindy Darlison Hamilton(Flamborough) Ontario 2007-02-15
Cindy Keeting aurora ontario 2007-02-19
Cindy Pagnan Victoria BC 2010-02-25
Clair5as EKNwwhPUhoOFnbp pMqFYtQFVtXHsMbAuzI 2009-08-28
Claire New York NY 2013-03-25
Claire New York NY 2013-06-02
Claire New York NY 2014-06-01
claire and don currie ottawa ontario 2007-02-05
Claire McKee Toronto Ontario 2007-02-05
Claire Slocombe Toronto ON 2007-02-06
Claude Chapdelaine Ottawa ON 2007-02-14
Claude Hebert Whitby Ontario 2007-02-19
Claude Lemay Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-27
Claude Morrison Toronto Ontario 2007-02-04
claude spethmann toronto ontario 2007-02-22
Claudette Menard Casselman Ontario 2007-02-15
Clay Leitch Ottawa ON 2007-02-16
Clifford Davis Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-06
clmyyz New York NY 2014-12-09
clujaofgyba New York NY 2013-09-22
coco888 New York NY 2012-10-17
coco888 New York NY 2013-06-25
coco888 New York NY 2013-10-18
coco888 New York NY 2013-10-30
coco888 New York NY 2013-12-05
coco888 New York NY 2014-03-30
coco888 New York NY 2014-04-13
Codi Kitchener Babii Ontario. 2007-02-15
Cody New York NY 2013-05-26
Cody New York NY 2013-07-30
Cody New York NY 2013-09-04
Cody New York NY 2013-10-05
Cody New York NY 2014-06-06
Cole New York NY 2013-04-29
Cole New York NY 2013-06-07
Cole New York NY 2013-06-12
Cole New York NY 2013-09-05
Cole New York NY 2014-04-11
Cole New York NY 2014-05-11
Cole New York NY 2014-08-28
Colette Bonomo Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-26
Colin Van Tol Victoria BC 2010-02-26
Colleen Denison Ottawa ON 2007-02-05
COLLEEN RIDDELL Sidney British Columbia 2010-02-25
Colton New York NY 2013-03-16
Colton New York NY 2013-04-14
Colton New York NY 2014-05-18
Connie Baker Regina Saskatchewan 2007-02-15
Connie Matchim Eastport NL 2008-01-10
Connor New York NY 2013-03-14
Connor New York NY 2013-03-19
Connor New York NY 2013-04-03
Connor New York NY 2013-05-13
Connor New York NY 2013-07-06
Connor New York NY 2013-09-05
Connor New York NY 2013-10-05
Connor New York NY 2013-11-25
Connor New York NY 2014-03-08
Connor New York NY 2014-03-22
connor victoria bc 2009-02-16
Connor Kuntz Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-16
Connor Watson Kitchener Ontario 2007-05-07
Constantine Tikhonov Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-14
cooler111 New York NY 2013-11-22
cooler111 New York NY 2014-03-22
coolman New York NY 2013-10-30
Cooper New York NY 2013-03-19
Corey Street Nanaimo British Columbia 2009-06-09
corey taylor dartmouth nova scotia 2007-02-25
Corinne Svardfeldt Chemainus BC 2009-06-03
Cory Baker Thunder Bay Ontario 2008-09-28
cory baker Cowichan Bay bc 2007-02-15
Cosimo Negro Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-15
Courtney Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Craig Jones Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-13
crazyfrog New York NY 2014-04-14
crazyfrog New York NY 2014-06-06
crazyivan New York NY 2013-07-10
crazyivan New York NY 2013-08-06
Cristine Rickman Victoria British Columbia 2009-02-16
Cristine Rickman Victoria British Columbia 2010-02-15
Crystal White Winnipeg Manitoba 2007-02-11
Curt New York NY 2013-04-24
Curt New York NY 2013-07-28
cvgmfgcdvdi Southpark KJgQOSXzCnCgwjCIPHe 2010-04-07
cvjrfg New York NY 2014-08-12
Cyndi McKim Victoria British Columbia 2009-02-17
Cyndi McKim Victoria british Columbia 2010-02-15
Cynthia Hess Victoria BC 2010-02-25
Cynthia Mar Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-12
cznvywvucot HKVjaKnF arSnjvuIlgN 2016-04-14
D Brunet Beckwith Ont. 2007-02-15
D Dayaratne Tornto Ontario 2007-02-19
D. Blaney Victoria BC 2010-03-18
D. Folkard Carleton Place Ontario 2007-02-13
D. fulkco victoria bc 2009-02-19
D. Limin Toronto Ontario 2007-02-19
d. marshall toronto ontario 2007-02-16
D. Richards Toronto Ontario 2007-02-19
Dai-Hyun Choi vancouver bc 2007-02-06
Daisy Hatt kingston ontario 2007-02-25
Dale Smith Victoria B.C. 2010-02-25
Damien McConnell Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-12
Damion RQZOyYEU zScYlEmidpkGUvLva 2010-01-13
Dan Baum Toronto Ontario 2007-02-04
Dan Corriveau Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-13
Dan Galley Dunchurch Ontario 2007-02-21
Dan McEachern Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-10
Dan McGuire Orangeville Ontario 2008-11-24
Dan Potvin Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-14
Dan Veenhof kitchener ontario 2007-02-15
Dan Won Mississauga Ontario 2007-02-16
Dana Fountain Toronto Ontario 2007-02-04
Dane Orser Innisfail Alberta 2007-02-18
Dani Pelle Lasalle QC 2007-02-15
Daniel New York NY 2013-03-14
Daniel New York NY 2013-03-14
Daniel New York NY 2014-03-30
Daniel New York NY 2014-04-29
Daniel Victoria BC. 2009-02-16
Daniel Arturo Carrillo Garcia georgetown ontario 2007-02-20
Daniel Lalonde Rockland Ontario 2007-02-15
Daniel Mendelsohn Toronto Ontario 2007-02-04
Daniel Miller Montréal Quebec 2010-10-20
Daniel T. Murphy Montréal Québec 2007-02-26
Danielle New York NY 2013-07-26
Danielle New York NY 2014-05-05
Danielle Noah Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Danijela V. kitchener ontario 2007-02-15
Darcy Croy Victoria British Columbia 2010-02-23
Darlene Dobie Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
darlene tardioli ottawa ont 2008-11-12
Darrin Maidment Ottawa On 2007-02-06
Darryl Cowton Surrey BC 2007-02-13
Darryl King Kingston Ontario 2007-02-06
Daryl Ainsworth Burlington Ontario 2007-05-18
Daryl Foster Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-13
Dave Beniot Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-23
Dave Bergeron Ottawa Ontario 2007-03-22
Dave Carter Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-14
Dave Dominey Orangeville Ontario 2007-02-20
Dave Dort Halifax NS 2007-02-05
Dave Lecompte Ottawa ON 2007-02-15
Dave Loney Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-13
Dave Marchant Ottawa ON 2007-02-08
Dave Meehan Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-15
Dave Reid Peterborough ontario 2007-02-06
Dave Richardson Victoria BC 2007-02-13
Dave St. Louis Ottawa ON 2007-02-06
David New York NY 2013-03-17
David New York NY 2013-03-19
David New York NY 2013-03-27
David New York NY 2013-04-14
David New York NY 2013-06-07
David gwIpZLgvJz mYYCeegyEkYFVlkfph 2010-01-13
David Adams Duncan British Columbia 2009-06-04
David Bassett Orleans ON 2007-02-06
David Chandra Vancouver BC 2010-02-15
David Coady Oshawa Ontario 2007-02-13
David Lim Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
David Magnus Woodbridge Ontario 2007-02-21
david paquette ottawa on 2007-02-15
David Piesina Montreal PQ 2007-02-15
David Pretty Victoria B.C. 2010-02-25
david w brooks whitby ontario 2007-02-22
David Yeatman Gatineau Quebec 2007-02-09
davykahtlw yQnQyEcAFhBueN tJcwQCMgAHqKAha 2014-06-13
dawn alli mississauga ontario 2007-02-19
Dawn Jung Richmond BC 2010-03-18
Dawn MacDonald Georgetown Ontario 2010-01-12
Dawn Zacour Victoria British Columbia 2010-02-25
ddnqxffwf New York NY 2012-04-04
DE New York NY 2013-03-13
DE New York NY 2013-04-19
DE New York NY 2014-04-14
DE New York NY 2014-05-10
deadman New York NY 2013-12-31
deadman New York NY 2014-02-23
Deanna Lai Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-15
Deanne Beck Barrie Ontario 2007-02-08
Debbie Almisurati Victoria British Columbia 2010-02-25
Debbie Brightnose Cormorant Manitoba 2010-04-28
Debbie Brightnose Cormorant Manitoba 2010-04-28
Debbie Burkhart Victoria B.C. 2009-02-16
Debbie Byrne Victoria BC 2009-02-16
Debbie Byrnes Ottawa Ontario 2007-10-12
Debbie Hendrickson Mississauga Ontario 2007-02-19
Debbie Higgins Red Deer Alberta 2007-02-16
Debbie Hughes Trenton Nova Scotia 2007-02-19
Debbie Mitchell-Ring Kanata Ontario 2007-02-13
Debbie Storms Port Perry Ontario 2007-02-24
Deborah Stefishen Libau Manitoba 2008-01-09
Debra Jones Toronto Ontario 2007-03-04
Delores Gunter North Saanich BC 2009-02-16
Denise Blackler Dartmouth Nova Scotia 2007-02-23
Denise Nadon Orleans Ontario 2007-02-12
Dennis Talarico Victoria BC 2010-03-18
denny jarymy victoria british columbia 2010-03-01
Derek Hardacker Chemainus BC 2009-06-04
Derek Tattersall Montreal Quebec 2007-02-21
DERREK CRUICKSHANK Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Desirae Roth Calgary Alberta 2007-02-16
Destiny New York NY 2012-10-25
Destiny New York NY 2013-03-22
Destiny New York NY 2013-05-23
Destiny New York NY 2013-10-05
Destiny New York NY 2013-11-28
Destiny New York NY 2014-04-29
Destiny New York NY 2014-05-05
Devin New York NY 2014-04-13
Devin New York NY 2014-07-22
Devin McCarthy Toronto Ontario 2007-02-04
dfnxkwnro BGDvjPtQsWsyPyZrh xkMEWpsPtJYURBlJQq 2014-06-11
Dghonson New York NY 2013-03-27
Dghonson New York NY 2013-09-05
Dghonson New York NY 2013-12-05
dhcdni ANeAFVHRsYzVzOlcomw KpJnDpSoJJucY 2014-01-17
Diana New York NY 2013-06-21
Diana New York NY 2013-09-30
Diana New York NY 2013-11-28
Diana New York NY 2014-04-29
Diana Hardacker Chemainus BC 2009-06-04
Diane Artelle St-Albert Ontario 2007-02-08
Diane Bassett Orleans Ontario 2007-02-06
Diane Hayman Westville Nova Scotia 2008-01-29
Diane Johnston Victoria BC 2010-02-25
Diane Mackie Burlington Ontario 2007-05-18
Dianna Perri Toronto Ontarion 2007-03-12
Dianne Bunn Uxbridge Ontario 2007-06-19
Dianne Pettipas Cole Harbour Nova Scotia 2007-02-27
Diaplvmz New York NY 2009-10-28
Diego New York NY 2013-07-14
Diego New York NY 2013-09-03
Diego New York NY 2013-09-30
Diego New York NY 2013-10-05
Diego New York NY 2013-12-03
Dimitrios Kakarelis Toronto Ontario 2007-04-27
diqjmhx HEEoDCCBlVAXCDNhti ITCwFgAHExptQVP 2012-02-03
dirtbill New York NY 2014-02-11
Diva New York NY 2014-01-12
Diva New York NY 2014-01-24
dkohjnz New York NY 2012-04-02
dllyzmrrtp New York NY 2011-05-18
doan pham vancouver bc 2010-02-16
dogkill New York NY 2013-03-24
dogkill New York NY 2014-04-12
dogkill New York NY 2014-04-28
dognxmac New York NY 2015-04-03
Domenic Campagna Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-09
domenic campagna Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-13
domenic desantis toronto ontario 2007-02-11
Dominic New York NY 2013-03-20
Dominic New York NY 2013-12-03
Dominic New York NY 2013-12-23
Dominic New York NY 2014-05-26
Dominic Martin Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-04
don kenny ottawa ontario 2007-02-13
Don Ludlow Oshawa ON 2007-02-25
Don Mc Gregor Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-05
Don Reilly Ennismore Ontario 2007-02-21
Donald Bildstein HALIFAX Nova Scotia 2007-02-23
Dong LQpOvMwcdbEJeSndpdB YBZgecHR 2010-01-20
Donna Brightnose Cormorant Manitoba 2008-01-05
Donna Coady Oshawa Ontario 2007-02-13
Donna Dempsey Abbotsford BC 2007-02-13
Donna Hynes Truro Nova Scotia 2007-02-25
Doreen Salter Ottawa Ontario 2007-12-31
Doris Johnston Chatham Ontario 2007-02-03
Dorothy Ahlgren Franklin Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-14
Dorothy John-Husbands Nepean Ontario 2007-02-09
Doug Bennett Montreal Quebec 2007-02-19
Doug Blomfield Ottawa ON 2007-02-15
Doug Powell Toronto Ontario 2007-02-21
Doug Quigley Burlington Ontario 2007-05-18
Doug Talbot Victoria B.C. 2010-02-25
Doug Young Delta BC 2009-02-16
Douglas G. MacNeill Edmonton Alberta 2009-02-15
Douglas Vaughan Abbotsford BC 2007-02-13
dqgulfsxmia New York NY 2015-07-29
dqoifyzmey New York NY 2012-08-05
DrZoibergLo New York NY 2011-11-30
dsgbzxj New York NY 2011-02-16
dtnlkwpw etQLRIrDbFjhK CgQDyunxFT 2010-10-03
Duane E. Carter FGMKELNKvviZhTQv MNSjRwpfPXhCKGTOUI 2010-02-12
dunydd New York NY 2011-07-28
dvotoy unJzQGviocIFfTDtXJK bZRNGppifUms 2012-11-20
dxfkgjhir New York NY 2014-04-16
dyanwnum New York NY 2011-05-24
dykbovvqcc New York NY 2010-07-06
Dylan New York NY 2013-03-17
Dylan New York NY 2013-03-17
Dylan New York NY 2013-03-25
Dylan New York NY 2013-06-23
Dylan New York NY 2013-10-28
Dylan New York NY 2014-07-27
Dylan Witmer Kitchener Ontairio 2007-02-15
dzoxuubuk New York NY 2015-06-26
E Fellows Cowichan Bay British Columbia 2007-02-17
E. Birnbaum Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-13
E. Marcotte Victoria BC 2010-02-25
eblanned New York NY 2013-03-19
Eddy Fraga montreal quebec 2007-02-19
Eden Legree Toronto Ontario 2007-02-12
Edward E. Harrell vyyUpTUviHzXgGX mdKVJDpXHcUjihuQadv 2010-02-25
Edward Murphy Arnprior Ontario 2007-02-13
Edward Voll Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-17
Eelbxhlm New York NY 2009-10-28
efxgkptbtb New York NY 2012-01-24
egbmovhwar VjbYAWMmjgEhSsb zMpSTHtOADj 2015-05-28
ehtjtuzvcl New York NY 2014-10-15
Eilisha Lantzville British Columbia 2009-06-09
ejfeif sFRUUojZjrWjmU EqEUicoJ 2012-08-29
eksnjjg gQuFXDFh ppBcgAakepzyhxMsHS 2013-01-19
Eleanor Wang Toronto Ontario 2007-02-12
Eli New York NY 2013-06-07
Eli New York NY 2013-06-10
Eli New York NY 2013-07-06
Eli New York NY 2013-11-20
Eli New York NY 2014-04-12
Elijah New York NY 2013-02-02
Elijah New York NY 2013-03-17
Elijah New York NY 2013-04-17
Elijah New York NY 2013-04-24
Elijah New York NY 2013-06-21
Elijah New York NY 2013-07-23
Elijah New York NY 2013-09-05
Elijah New York NY 2013-12-06
Elijah New York NY 2014-04-17
Elijah New York NY 2014-05-05
Elijah New York NY 2014-05-30
Elise Butterworth Toronto Ontario 2007-02-21
Elizabeth New York NY 2013-03-22
Elizabeth New York NY 2013-04-24
Elizabeth New York NY 2013-11-27
Elizabeth New York NY 2014-07-05
Elizabeth Bow Ottawa ONTARIO 2007-02-16
elizabeth campagna ottawa (orleans) ontario 2007-02-08
Elizabeth Hanson Cambridge Ontario 2007-02-09
Elizabeth Henshaw Ormstown Quebec 2007-02-09
Elizabeth Stevenson Victoria BC 2010-02-28
Ella New York NY 2013-03-22
Ella New York NY 2013-07-06
Ella New York NY 2013-07-30
Ella New York NY 2013-10-29
Ella New York NY 2013-11-27
Elly Langlois Victoria Sask 2009-02-20
elowiqgxjd New York NY 2012-09-16
Elzbieta Majewski Burnaby BC 2009-02-19
Emanuel Iorga Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Emanuel Iorga kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Emily New York NY 2013-04-14
Emily New York NY 2013-06-10
Emily New York NY 2013-06-12
Emily New York NY 2013-12-06
Emily New York NY 2014-07-05
Emily Di Paolo Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-09
Emily Hunter Vancouver British Columbia 2010-02-25
Emily Kruger Nanaimo British Columbia 2009-06-12
Emily MacKenzie Waterloo Ontario 2007-02-15
Emily Vasic Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
Emma New York NY 2012-10-18
Emma New York NY 2013-11-19
Emma New York NY 2013-11-19
Emma New York NY 2014-02-22
Emma New York NY 2014-03-08
Emma New York NY 2014-03-30
Emma Burns Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-13
Emmanuella Galloway Toronto ON 2007-02-12
endfqudn New York NY 2014-02-07
Enrique M. May yQcMAVglAOo WNgsGkZXh 2010-02-26
enzo benincasa toronto ontario 2007-02-11
eorrta New York NY 2009-10-01
eqisll New York NY 2011-11-20
eqpogjcrh FDaTtjoaFNrzvKkJAC rjywyUaQczPX 2014-01-14
ergtzn wmmeaEHpHHncvisnc ItAXLVYodOdBHCxPUr 2015-02-11
Eric New York NY 2013-11-30
Eric Davis ottawa ont 2007-02-13
Eric Martin Brampton Ontario 2007-02-08
Eric Tuchscherer Surrey BC 2007-02-13
erick gauthier Nanaimo British Columbia 2009-06-09
Erik Dreff Toronto Ontario 2007-02-05
Erik Wright Lantzville BC 2009-06-13
Erika Mississauga Ontario 2007-02-21
Erin New York NY 2013-04-10
Erin New York NY 2013-09-05
Erin New York NY 2013-12-03
Erin New York NY 2014-03-09
Erin Davies Victoria British Columbia 2010-02-25
Erin Kirkpatrick-Baker Greely Ontario 2007-02-15
erin lonsdale nanaimo British Columbia 2009-06-10
Erin McNeil Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-23
Erin Robinson Victoria BC 2010-02-25
Ernestine Herman vancouver BC 2010-02-04
ernesto carrillo st catharines ontario 2007-02-20
eslibezig New York NY 2011-01-24
Esther Chang Nanaimo BC 2009-06-12
Ethan New York NY 2013-06-12
Ethan New York NY 2013-07-10
Ethan New York NY 2013-07-28
Ethan New York NY 2014-02-12
Etienne Desmarais Montréal Québec 2007-02-15
Etienne Malouin Montreal QC 2007-02-15
etvmxpzzpy New York NY 2014-12-08
etvmxpzzpy New York NY 2014-12-08
eujietjki New York NY 2013-07-18
Eva New York NY 2013-04-01
Eva New York NY 2013-05-09
Eva New York NY 2013-06-21
Eva Mississauga Ontario 2007-02-23
Evan New York NY 2013-02-02
Evan New York NY 2013-07-01
Evan New York NY 2014-02-17
Evan New York NY 2014-04-12
Evan New York NY 2014-04-17
Evan New York NY 2014-07-27
Evelyn New York NY 2012-10-06
Evelyn New York NY 2013-03-24
Evelyn New York NY 2013-04-17
Evelyn New York NY 2013-12-24
Evelyn New York NY 2014-03-22
Evelyn New York NY 2014-04-14
Evelyn New York NY 2014-05-26
evxixnyuwo KddFIJpn gjlgXApjbl 2014-02-08
evytzxujdb aNOnlQsyrB wzBThQBnU 2012-03-01
ewpucown New York NY 2015-03-23
Eymqecvs New York NY 2014-04-09
eyxttokaoj tlYsyflCVMs hCyrfJLIdc 2010-09-16
F. Reid Clinton, B.C. 2009-06-07
F.M. Albota Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-15
Faith New York NY 2012-11-06
Faith New York NY 2013-03-24
Faith New York NY 2013-06-21
Faith New York NY 2014-02-05
Faith New York NY 2014-02-23
Fanzeea Dinally Markham Ontario 2007-03-07
Fanzeea Dinally Markham Ontario 2007-03-07
Farzana Jivraj Toronto Ontario 2007-02-26
Ferda Simpson Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-12
Fern Boucher Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-16
fern julia marmora ontario 2007-02-19
ffgzmk New York NY 2015-01-29
ffxbehwhfdo New York NY 2016-08-23
fgbuyhj vJrEIzhb WwpvJGcTpNTKg 2013-10-13
fgtedkfho New York NY 2011-03-16
fheqmhde New York NY 2015-03-20
fifa55 New York NY 2014-04-04
Filip Dinu Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-15
fiqjlioyy New York NY 2011-03-19
firnylqqpvh SXUxnQiquCFUZKsu CHlvNNqepnFFXvaF 2012-11-15
fjtoma RDKPQzVUO xIfQdwACkjZ 2015-05-25
fjtytof New York NY 2012-01-23
flyman New York NY 2013-02-02
flyman New York NY 2013-03-30
flyman New York NY 2013-11-19
flyman New York NY 2014-04-11
flyman New York NY 2014-05-16
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fnrpmqt hvCQUzBybCUJf MCBTlUDQAGsjxh 2013-09-22
fowkumisej New York NY 2010-07-18
Franc Gregorin Toronto Ontario 2007-02-19
France Trudelle Sutton Quebec 2007-02-05
frances anne black toronto ontario 2007-02-04
Frances Fotini Kakarelis mississauga ontario 2007-02-23
frank campagna orleans ontario 2007-02-08
Frank Proulx Hamilton Ontario 2008-01-08
Frank T. Gilmore Kanata Ontario 2007-02-04
Frank W. Mercado aGIvhonxKaiyetYGxZf tCgqCATcrhcWqv 2010-03-14
Fred Policarpio Mississauga Ontario 2007-02-14
freelife New York NY 2013-03-22
freelife New York NY 2013-04-29
freelife New York NY 2013-11-22
freelove New York NY 2013-03-27
freelove New York NY 2013-03-29
freelove New York NY 2013-09-05
freeman New York NY 2014-02-05
freeman New York NY 2014-03-30
freeman New York NY 2014-07-13
friend ywVhhdlxuCbkeIGRCP vDjwurgBrF 2010-06-05
friend35 New York NY 2013-07-17
friend35 New York NY 2013-11-22
friend35 New York NY 2014-01-30
friend35 New York NY 2014-07-13
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fttjpntrgt Southpark lJRMvymFqATHYDupRT 2010-03-10
fxytldzw New York NY 2010-01-05
Fzkocxhh New York NY 2009-09-30
g toronto ontario 2007-02-22
G Beel Toronto Ontario 2012-06-11
G. Buono Montreal Quebec 2007-02-15
G. Campbell Ajax Ontario 2007-02-21
G. Chouinard Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-15
G. Jackson Toronto Ontario 2007-03-07
G.E. Godwin Victoria BC 2010-02-25
G.G. Niemi Thunder Bay Ontario 2007-02-24
gabahey New York NY 2015-01-11
Gabriel New York NY 2013-09-03
Gabriel New York NY 2013-12-05
Gabriel New York NY 2014-04-13
Gabriel New York NY 2014-05-05
Gabriella New York NY 2013-01-22
Gabriella New York NY 2013-03-13
Gabriella New York NY 2013-04-19
Gabriella New York NY 2014-04-14
Gabrielle New York NY 2013-06-18
Gabrielle New York NY 2013-09-03
Gabrielle Roberge-Nault Cantley Qc 2007-02-24
Gail and Joe Larabie Kanata Ontario 2007-02-06
Gail Chellew Port Perry Ontario 2007-02-13
Gail Hebbs Nepean Ontario 2007-02-06
Gail Meunier Nepean Ontario 2007-02-15
Gail Pattman Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-06
Gail Rogers Victoria British Columbia 2010-02-25
GAIL SNEDDON guelph ontario 2008-01-02
Garrett Burchett Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-18
Garrett Thomas Kitchener Ontario 2007-02-16
Garry New York NY 2013-07-06
Gary Peters Victoria, BC BC 2010-02-17
Gavin New York NY 2013-04-24
Gavin New York NY 2013-05-11
Gavin New York NY 2013-07-23
Gavin New York NY 2013-12-05
Gavin New York NY 2014-04-13
Gayle Hutchings Victoria BC 2010-03-04
Gaétane Martineau Gatineau Québec 2007-02-15
gbqrsq New York NY 2010-01-28
Gemma Rodgers Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-05
Genesis New York NY 2013-03-16
Genesis New York NY 2013-06-02
Genesis New York NY 2014-04-14
Geoff Heintzman Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-09
geogen New York NY 2011-12-02
George Carter Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-14
George Kalpakis Markham Ontario 2007-02-16
Georges Dubois Vancouver BC 2007-02-03
georgia goddard Nanaimo BC 2009-06-10
Geraldine Browning Centreville, Kings County Nova Scotia,Canada 2008-01-29
Geraldine Gabara Surrey Britch columbia 2007-02-14
Gerda Campbell Ajax Ontario 2007-02-21
Gero Hundert Newmarket Ontario 2007-02-21
Gerry Gaudet Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-13
Gerry Nault Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-14
getjoy New York NY 2013-12-31
getjoy New York NY 2014-06-01
gfmlqq HRwLBNCWUKnZi sBegzcgQEFSarfyVffv 2009-07-12
ggdiwgxl New York NY 2011-02-24
Ghislaine B. Spencerville Ontario 2007-02-17
Gianna New York NY 2012-11-19
Gianna New York NY 2013-05-26
Gianna New York NY 2013-09-30
Gianna New York NY 2014-04-11
Gilles Bergeron Val des Monts QC 2007-02-06
Gillian Foss Carp Ontario 2008-02-05
Gillian Ryan Hamilton ON 2007-02-15
Gina Paolini vancouver bc 2010-02-25
Gina Pels Fort Macleod Alberta 2010-03-04
Ginette Francoeur Gatineau Quebec 2007-02-12
Ginger Holloway Toronto ON 2007-02-10
Giovanna Pasquini richmond hill ontario 2007-03-08
Giovanni Abati Halifax Nova Scotia 2009-02-10
Gisele Lecompte Ottawa On 2007-02-15
gisele samson Victoria BC 2009-02-12
Gisele Theriault Montreal Quebec 2007-02-04
Giuseppe Lora Victoria BC 2010-02-26
gjuivg New York NY 2012-04-20
Glen Wraith Bowmanville ON 2007-02-26
glenda burlington ontario 2007-02-25
Gloria Child Victoria B.C. 2010-02-18
Gloria Child Victoria B.C. 2010-02-18
Gloria Mallard Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-10
Gloria Turner Lunenburg Nova Scotia 2008-01-29
gmehpiec kRkrtobJ TrgoStsZMmRjavHYFrD 2012-11-13
gmkluw IHMbbWspjXEGyy rjzrEwSKEBLzPoSH 2012-01-19
gobiz New York NY 2013-04-17
gobiz New York NY 2013-10-05
gobiz New York NY 2014-01-05
gobiz New York NY 2014-04-06
godigns New York NY 2013-07-18
gokbpbsvc New York NY 2011-07-09
goodboy New York NY 2013-10-29
goodboy New York NY 2013-12-10
goodboy New York NY 2014-03-23
goodboy New York NY 2014-04-11
goodboy New York NY 2014-05-24
gooouiizb New York NY 2013-07-18
goqsvxktg HIFQEajo UcEBusoplfcOjVlPo 2016-07-31
Gord Cheesbrough Toronto Ontario 2007-02-05
Gord Maurice Sudbury Ontario 2007-03-18
gordon New York NY 2012-06-23
gordon New York NY 2015-01-07
Gordon Cameron Victoria (Saanich) BC 2010-02-18
Gordon Illman Burlington Ontario 2007-02-16
Gordon KEITH Ottawa Ontario 2007-03-12
Gordon Morrison Cobble Hill BC 2009-06-04
Gordon Shanks Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-23
gpcuythrz New York NY 2013-10-02
gqemuseme FUngKAOFEQapkS HnqTKoTgTJatpoOEPX 2010-01-12
gqvrajq VrhsagvpkXOhi fPSnsJWKr 2009-12-22
Grace New York NY 2014-07-05
Gracie New York NY 2013-03-24
Gracie New York NY 2013-07-06
Gracie New York NY 2013-12-24
Graham Atwell Wolfville N.S. 2008-05-25
Grahame Griffin Vancouver British Columbia 2007-02-11
Grant Low Okanagan Falls BC 2007-02-18
greenwood New York NY 2013-03-22
greenwood New York NY 2013-03-27
greenwood New York NY 2013-10-11
greenwood New York NY 2013-12-31
greenwood New York NY 2014-02-17
Greg Crozier Cambridge ON 2007-03-07
Greg Dugdale Angus Ontario 2007-02-12
greg saabel nanaimo bc 2009-06-09
griffin woodward lantzville British columbia 2009-06-09
gshjnvpssit New York NY 2012-01-24
gsssepqm JfcSlKKChHRTgHbXAkV HNoEBQbqcFBSqmSBn 2012-08-31
gszjchj TQHzovVuP QWDcPhCKrKSquCYPoLC 2012-11-21
Gulshan Manak Victoria B.C. 2010-02-27
gvmwanons New York NY 2012-01-28
gwood pickering ontario 2007-02-14
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gyrrbbgp hpPuyOCvhaqKhp zVWtfGrkyjod 2012-04-19
H Barry Moncton New Brunswick 2009-02-10
H Lehman Guelph Ontario 2007-02-21
H. Cresine Saltsprings Nova Scotia 2007-02-25
H. Nennos Laval Quebec 2007-02-15
Hailey New York NY 2013-03-14
Hailey New York NY 2013-03-27
Hailey New York NY 2013-06-25
Hailey New York NY 2013-11-25
Hailey New York NY 2014-03-22
Hailey New York NY 2014-03-22
Hailey New York NY 2014-05-10
Hailey New York NY 2014-05-18
Haley New York NY 2013-03-22
Haley New York NY 2013-04-19
Haley New York NY 2013-07-19
Haley New York NY 2013-09-03
Haley New York NY 2014-04-11
Hammad Manzoor Malton ON 2011-02-15
Hannah New York NY 2012-10-04
Hannah New York NY 2013-05-30
Hannah New York NY 2013-09-30
Hannah New York NY 2013-11-27
Hannah New York NY 2013-11-30
Harpreet Sethi Calgary Alberta 2008-07-02
Harriman John Scarborough Ontario 2007-02-16
Harry Smythe Vancouver BC 2010-03-01
Harwood Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-15
Hayden New York NY 2013-05-30
Hayden New York NY 2013-08-03
Hayden New York NY 2013-10-05
Hayden New York NY 2014-02-22
Hayden New York NY 2014-03-02
Hayden New York NY 2014-04-14
Hayden New York NY 2014-05-11
Hayden New York NY 2014-06-01
Hayley Finn Port Perry Ontario 2007-02-25
Hayley Mundy Owen Sound Ontario 2007-02-21
Heather & Stuart Cornies Hinton AB 2007-02-14
Heather Connolly Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-08
Heather Keenan Victoria BC 2010-02-25
HEATHER LEDUC Barrie ON 2007-02-08
Heather Mathieson Nanaimo British Columbia 2009-06-15
Heidi Fisher Victoria B.C. 2010-02-25
Helen Auckland Leamington Ontario 2007-03-12
Helen Gamble Perth Ontario 2008-02-06
Helen Shanks Halifax Nova Scotia 2007-02-23
Helene Deyoung Dartmouth Nova Scotia 2007-02-26
Hellya Ohya Orangeville ON 2007-02-20
Henry New York NY 2013-04-19
Henry New York NY 2014-02-17
henry sansom toronto ont 2007-02-13
Hettie Reilly Ennismore Ontario 2007-02-21
hhaygok lwhikSRtVULBDcunyQd KrfyxEwu 2014-11-29
hhjvvmehvrh New York NY 2013-08-25
hidnrev LEkfhPzMHO BHTPRqgNsPQHGygibKC 2014-02-07
Hktfigza New York NY 2009-10-28
hlhwvruexpg New York NY 2010-09-27
Hoberly Hove Kamloops British Columbia 2007-02-15
hoking New York NY 2015-01-10
hoking New York NY 2015-01-11
Holland Gidney Victoria BC 2010-02-25
Holly Marks Nanaimo BC 2009-06-11
homczn New York NY 2012-08-20
horny New York NY 2013-07-08
horny New York NY 2013-07-25
horny New York NY 2013-09-14
horny New York NY 2013-09-14
horny New York NY 2013-12-18
horny New York NY 2013-12-18
horny New York NY 2013-12-18
horny New York NY 2014-01-28
horny New York NY 2014-01-31
horny New York NY 2014-02-02
horny New York NY 2014-02-02
horny New York NY 2014-03-09
horny New York NY 2014-03-09
horny New York NY 2014-03-11
horny New York NY 2014-04-09
horny New York NY 2014-04-09
horny New York NY 2014-04-10
horny New York NY 2014-05-20
horny New York NY 2014-09-27
horny New York NY 2014-10-01
Hqyasnjs qEYnvdkoKhnMmUUJN wqWLCBtUaMYKhkg 2011-03-16
Hsuwnipu FNJGFBULoHQh ijKnxtyKeAIg 2011-04-08 bwcjksI TnGbwQjuHwjAEfR 2010-03-16
Hunter New York NY 2014-01-05
Hunter New York NY 2014-03-22
Hunter New York NY 2014-05-30
hviufejuoxo GkuJIYpfKbOXZPv QoJgnHTgOJRcFg 2015-02-26
Hvwyojftu uXvPPORINX yspFdgNhmkGp 2012-07-02
hwabane New York NY 2015-03-22
I Sanderson Toronto Ontario 2007-02-16
I Wanna Cold Que 2007-02-23
I. Chisholm Ottawa Ontario 2007-02-15
Ian Gartshore Nanaimo B.C. 2009-06-11
Ian Gray Ottawa ON 2007-02-08
ian jones verdun quebec 2007-02-19
Ian MacCuish Victoria British Columbia 2010-03-08
Ian Todd Victoria BC 2010-03-01
icxzttuy New York NY 2013-09-22
Ida Rundle Stellarton NS 2007-02-22
Ifthuehi ezBgpvRNxWeDHM NIimUkyXpVPXVhXR 2011-03-25
igakefr aWUqHBFlWeiJUUN XsPUCDOLeiDhqcKOisb 2014-07-19
iiqbkdl TgTTSwfvxwXjQoJDb hUNOFsHHZSBAQLnic 2015-12-22
Ilehjzdu New York NY 2011-01-20
Ina Sinotte Georgetown Ontario 2007-02-16
incomeppc New York NY 2013-03-19
incomeppc New York NY 2013-04-03
incomeppc New York NY 2013-04-14
infest New York NY 2013-10-11
iqkquve New York NY 2012-01-24
Iqpuaymr New York NY 2014-03-23
Irea New York NY 2013-09-30
Irea New York NY 2013-11-21
Irea New York NY 2014-01-24
Irea New York NY 2014-04-12
Irene Heasman Angus On 2007-09-17
Irene Moore Sidney BC 2009-02-20
ireneo domingo stouffville ontario 2007-02-16
IrmgardFord victoria BC 2010-02-25
Isaac New York NY 2013-06-18
Isaac New York NY 2013-07-01
Isaac New York NY 2013-07-14
Isaac New York NY 2013-11-25
Isaac New York NY 2014-04-13
Isabel New York NY 2013-02-07
Isabel New York NY 2013-04-29
Isabel New York NY 2013-07-17
Isabel New York NY 2014-02-23
Isabel Jennings Hamilton ON 2007-02-28
Isabella New York NY 2012-09-26